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Lure of the Lake. Gem of the Hills.

Downtown Clermont has an exciting new brand and tagline that has its roots in Clermont history.

But wait, we have questions!

Why have you branded downtown Clermont? Doesn’t this conflict with the City of Clermont’s brand?

In 2014, the City of Clermont rebranded itself, shifting away from its longstanding identity as a citrus-producing community to a new identity that was inspired by its promise, potential, and allure as a training mecca for elite athletes and a popular destination for health and wellness enthusiasts. Just as theme parks include a constellation of themed attractions, cities require diversity in their own attractions to satisfy the needs of residents and to attract visitors to power their economic vitality.

Downtown Clermont has an undeniable charm and historic flair. The brand seeks to honor Downtown Clermont’s roots and history while serving the needs of the community and athletes by providing a year-round destination to shop, dine, drink and play. Additionally, Downtown Clermont is now a Florida Main Street community. What’s significant about that designation is its track record across the state that shows small districts can have their own unique brands and identities within the geographic area of a larger city structure. Supporting diversity in experiences and destinations within Clermont, including Downtown Clermont, amplifies economic vitality.

Why are you bringing back Gem of the Hills when the City just did away with it?

The City’s tagline “Choice of Champions” is meant to represent not only the athletes who come to Clermont to train for the Olympics but also Clermont’s everyday champions: its residents.

As we’ve said previously, Downtown Clermont has an undeniable charm and historic flair, and the brand seeks to honor its roots and history while serving the needs of the community and athletes by providing a year-round destination to shop, dine, drink, and play. Today, historic buildings and brick streets fuse with new places and experiences. To celebrate this union, the new brand resurrects “gem of the hills” and unites it with Downtown’s other intrinsic feature, the “lure of the lake.” It’s symbolic of old versus new and authentic to the history that makes this destination within Clermont so special.

Why does the new brand for Downtown Clermont have different colors than the City of Clermont?

The primary colors chosen for the City logo are associated with the Olympics. The color palette for Downtown Clermont is inspired by the lure of the lake (cool tones), sunshine (yellow), and history within brick streets (red tone). Downtown Clermont is a destination both for athletes and non-athletes who just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a more casual pace of life. To honor this means devising a color palette specifically for Downtown Clermont that supports downtown’s promise and unique experiences.

Can we just use one logo? I don’t get why we need two logos.

If you have spent time in Downtown Clermont you will understand the answer lies within the fact that the experience and vibe in the Main Street district demands a logo that helps communicate its undeniable charm and novelty. Anywhere you go, the warm lake breezes greet you. And the look and feel of this intimate district straddles old-time nostalgia and indie trends of today. The logo integrates the date of its origin (1884) as yet another way of paying homage to the history that created this place and to successfully brand, position and market it as a destination. We have to honor that and not force it into a modern, athletic logo aesthetic.

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